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1 Essential Oil Trick to Activate Your Metabolism, Alkalize Your Body, and Fight Inflammation


A lot of people drink a cup of warm water mixed with half a lemon juice every morning before any meal, for the belief that it is great for their health.

Apparently, lemon water has numerous health benefits that include helping in digestion, stimulating liver, resolving heartburn, as well as balancing body pH.

Unfortunately, this drink is not without side effects, the major one being dental health.

The acid present in fruit juices tend to erode teeth enamel and the erosion worsens when you mix lemon with water.

This is because addition of heat speeds up chemical reactions. Enamel is integral to one’s dental health as it protects the dentin.

When the enamel is completely eroded, sensitivity and other teeth problems set in.

There are a number of tricks you can apply to minimize the damage. You can use a straw, then rinse it with distilled water after you’re done. Also, brush your teeth before drinking. While these tips are useful, they are not fully effective in averting the erosion


Lemon essential oil is made from lemon rinds; not lemon juice.

The essential oil is neutral in terms of pH and hence not acidic.

It takes a whooping 3000 lemon rinds to produce 1 kg of lemon essential oil.

With no acid to worry about, you can detox safer. The best thing is that the essential oil is absorbed easier compared to lemon juice.

You just need to add a few drops of lemon essential oil to your glass water bottle. This will provide you with great health benefits.

It will help increase your energy levels and help in mental clarity. Lemon essential oil is also effective in relieving acne, heartburn, gallstones, and respiratory complications.

Source: healthyfoodhouse.com