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10 Exercises to Burn Belly Fat without Jogging or Running


Trying to lose some weight and tone your body? Spending many hours of cardio exercises but still not satisfied? In that case what you should do?

Practice some work out and advance your level of strength and endurance.

A study was conducted to examine the outcomes of this type of exercise on the metabolic constraints of liver disease. In the study included 53 people who were divided in two groups. The first group did squats and pushups, three times a week for twelve weeks, while the other one did not do any exercise.

After the testing period of twelve weeks, the outcomes of both of the groups were compared.

The group that performed the exercises raised the mass of the muscle and fat-free while reduced the fatty liver, insulin and iron. So, the workout will improve the metabolic syndrome in nonalcoholic liver disease.

The exercises that we are going to present you are really effective and will always work.

You do not need any special equipment but only your readiness to perform them and in that way you will slow down aging, build your muscle tone and change your complete way of looking.

The following 10 exercises will help you tone and shape your muscle.

These exercises are called ‘compounds movements’ since they affect many muscles simultaneously that are not in the same order. They will help you remove belly fat for a very short period of time.

1. The Burpee

By affecting the core groups of muscles, this exercise makes your heart pump so that it burns more fat than cardio. You can practice this exercise to any fitness level.

2. The Pull Up

It is an exceptional exercise that can impressively strengthen your back. The beginning might be difficult but try some simple alternative until you succeed.

3. The Squat

This exercise is a basically functional one that will reshape your legs and butt. They can be really challenging exercises but if you add some more intensity try barbell or dumbbells.

4. The Push Up

The push up exercise will build up your triceps, tone your upper chest and sculpt your shoulders. Its advantage is that can be practiced everywhere and modified according to the needed level.

5. The Lunge

This exercise is especially effective to tone your hamstrings and to strengthen your butt. If you have some pain in your knees while doing this exercise, replace it with some glute bridge.

6. The Spider Crawl

The spider crawl will tone your core muscles and improve the flexibility of your hips.

7. The Skater

It is a great way to develop the stability of your ankles and knees by moving in a lateral plane. For additional calories burnt, combine minimum jumping and jolting to the joints.

8. The Plank

The Plank will engage the entire core, such as the transverse abdominous which will prevent and relieve any pain in the back. Just try to hold your body in this position for a minute.

9. Jumping Rope

The long hours of running can be replaced with jumping rope, an exercise that will tone your arms and legs as well as it will help you burn calories.

10. The Get Up

It will provide a full engagement of the basic muscles to a really high level so you can finally gain a toned, flat and fat-free belly.

These 10 effective strength, fat burning exercises will help you get the body you always wanted. All you need are 15 minutes a day to complete this workout training.

Via Healthy Food House |  Live Strong