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10 Symptoms That Indicate That Your Liver Is Loaded With Heavy Gases That Make You Gain Weight Uncontrollably, Cause Bad Breath And Hormone Imbalance


Even though this organ is able to regenerate itself, its irregular functioning can lead to various other diseases that sometimes can have fatal consequences.

-Unexpected weight gaining

If your liver is slowed down, no diet or gym will be able to help you. One of the reasons for this is the fact that the body keeps the unfiltered toxins in the fat cells. The liver is also responsible for the metabolism of fats. When the liver functions properly, the fats circulate from the gut through the bile to the liver.


The proper functioning of the liver creates antibodies that attack the allergens, and when the liver does not function, the body stores those allergens. Your brain reacts to this by creating histamine, a chemical that eliminates the allergens. A long-term exposure to histamine results in itching and headaches.

-Chronic tiredness

The long-term feeling of tiredness, accompanied by depression and anger outbursts is also a symptom of liver dysfunction.

-Stubborn acne

Due to the hormonal imbalance, the acne just won’t go away.

Excess sweating/unpleasant odor

The excess sweating occurs because of the exhaustion of the body.

-Bad breath

The toxins also affect the breath and make it unpleasant.

-Skin sensitivity

Another early sign of liver problems is the oversensitivity of the skin. If your skin becomes itchy or too sensitive to touch, it might be a sign of liver problems.

-Problems with stomach acid and unsettled stomach

Problems with the digestion and the stomach acid accompanied by sickness can indicate liver problems.

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