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10 Things That Increase Your Libido


Here are 10 tips that will boost your libido and make you a better lover:

  1. Remember the best sex you had

Remembering the best sex you ever had will keep your libido engaged and make you a great sex partner.

  1. Love yourself first!

Love yourself so you can learn how to give love (and sex) to others.

  1. Eat more pine nuts

Pine nuts stimulate production of nitric oxide in your body, which will dilate your blood vessels and allow more blood to come through them. This will result in an increased libido and will prepare you for action.

  1. Get more zinc

Zinc is essential for production of testosterone, otherwise known as the male sex hormone. Testosterone is important for both your erection and sex drive and varies from person to person. “The function of sex hormones in the sexuality of males is now winding up being clearer. Androgens are necessary for typical sexual cravings and for ejaculation. Erectile systems, providing that appropriate sensuous stimuli are available, are more than likely not androgen reliant,” it was written in a study. Eat zinc-rich foods such as spinach and flaxseeds in order to keep your libido awake.

  1. Think sexy

The brain is an essential part of your libido, so you may want to think sexy thoughts and ideas in order to boost your sex drive and be a better lover.

  1. Choose to feel love

You can manage the mental part of the libido by choosing to feel love and blocking out negative emotions.

  1. Say yes, even if you aren’t feeling like it

There may be times when the sex with your partner is bad, but this is not a reason to refuse it when you’re not feeling like it. Sex bonds you intimately with your partner and increases your libido, so never say no.

  1. Pretend you just met your partner

Pretending to be a new couple will increase the anticipation and pleasure and set you up for a great round of sex!

  1. Enjoy an attractive movie

Watching movies with intimate scenes will boost your libido and increase your sexual desire. Watch one with your partner tonight – you can thank us later.

  1. Touch more

A simple touch on your partner’s shoulder, hand or back is enough to send shivers down their spine and will definitely boost your sex drive.

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