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5 natural tricks to make your waxing last longer


Hair removal can be a difficult process. Shaving is annoying and the results are short-lived, laser hair removal is permanent but far out of most of our price range. Waxing is a happy medium between these two, since you only have to do it every four to six weeks and the hair grows back less over time. The problem? It hurts! That, coupled with the expense of visiting a waxing salon every month makes this option a no-go for many women.

What’s a girl have to do to get smooth, hair-free legs around here without spending large amounts of time or money?

The answer sounds like an intimidating one: at-home waxing.

Why Wax At-Home?

Before you run off, hear us out. The beauty of at-home waxing is that you have complete control over the environment, you can wax when it is most convenient for you, and you will save a ton of money. Yes, it is scary, but there are a number of natural steps you can take to ensure a chemical-and-ouch-free session every time.

What to Do Before Waxing

Wait it Out

Patience is a virtue, especially when waxing your legs. Wait until you hair is an eighth to a quarter-inch long; if the hair is too short the wax will have trouble grabbing onto it, which hurts and leads to breakage and ingrown hairs. That being said, don’t wait until you are Big Foot-level hairy, as you’ll end up pulling at the hair without removing. Trim long hair first!


24 to 48hrs before you wax, exfoliate your legs to make hair come to the surface for easier removal. Try one of these natural body scrubs.


Wash your skin with gentle soap and water to remove excess oils. Don’t use toners or disinfectants – these will close up your pores and make for more painful removal.

Set the Scene

Make yourself comfortable! Be sure the room is warm, play your favorite music or TV show, and relax. It’s easier when you’re not stressed.


  • alcohol and caffeine
  • hot showers immediately before
  • napping – wake up at least 30 minutes before waxing
  • “icing” the skin to numb it (this closes your pores and makes it harder to remove the hair)

During Waxing

Use a Natural Wax

Follow this tutorial on making your own pain-free natural wax:

Proper Technique

Start with small patches, especially if it’s your first time.  Apply the wax in the direction of hair growth, place the strip on and press firmly. Allow to cool a bit, pull the skin taught in the opposite direction, take a deep breath and pull the strip across in the opposite direction, keeping close to the skin.


  • Chemical-filled wax/wax products
  • Extremely hot wax (you can severely burn your skin)

After Waxing


Be sure to moisturize immediately post-wax. Buy organic and all-natural, or make your own. Try this essential oil cream, or this one made with aloe for an added soothing effect.


After 24 hours, gently exfoliate your skin on a regular basis to make hair growth finer, prevent in-growns, add smoothness.


Warm showers, hot tubs, pools, saunas, lakes or oceans for 24 hours

  • High-intensity, sweaty exercise for 24 hours
    • Tight clothing
    • Sun tanning (skin more likely to burn)
    • Picking at leftover dried wax – it will come off on its own

    Other Tips for Easy Waxing

    Take Your Time

    Trying to go too fast, or when you are stressed out and anxious, fires up your nerves and makes waxing more painful. Wait and wax when you have at least an hour to make the experience more enjoyable.

    Schedule and Wax Regularly

    You should set up your waxing schedule for every 4 to 6 weeks, and do not deviate. Waxing gets easier over time and a regular schedule allows for less hair growth and finer hairs. Don’t shave in between sessions, as shaving causes the hair to grow in random directions. If you absolutely have to, wait 2 weeks before waxing again.

    Follow Your Cycle

    Women’s pain tolerance is highest about 3-4 days after her period ends. Avoid getting waxed right before or during your period when your skin is most sensitive.

Source: chere1.com