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5 Signs a Deceased Loved One is Nearby


Losing someone you love is very hard for everyone. We`ve all experienced this pain. But if you believe in the spiritual world, the physical death does not mean that the loved ones are completely gone, they can still be somewhere near, around us. Read these 5 signs that your deceased relatives, friends or loved ones are still with you.

You can feel their smell: The spirit of the loved one can manifest in many different ways, one of which is scent. Usually, the strongest connection to the people we love is the smell, either it is the smell of perfume, tobacco, or the smell of your favorite food they used to prepare. This is a direct message they are sending to you, telling you they are near.

You see them in your dreams: Spirits interact with us through our dreams, because our subconscious is more open to the spirit world. In our dreams, the spirits of the deceased loved ones are very realistic, not like other random characters that usually appear. Pay attention to these dreams, they may be a message from the other side.

Items go missing: You know you put something in a specific place, then you find it in a completely different room, where it does not belong. This makes you go crazy. But don`t worry, you are not losing your mind, it`s very probable that the loved ones are playing a joke on you or trying to get your attention.

Signs during the funeral: James Van Praagh, a renowned psychic, says that the spirits of the deceased usually attend their funerals, to comfort the loved ones left behind and give them a sign that everything is OK. But most of us miss these signs, because we are too absorbed in the grief that day. So stay open to certain signs the next time you attend a funeral.

Unusual thoughts: Strange thoughts, unusual for you, may be a sign that the deceased loved one is still with you. Take some time and think about these unusual thoughts.

Source: higherperspectives.com