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7 Common Nail Conditions Linked to Serious Diseases That You Shouldn’t Ignore


You should often take a close look at your fingernails and see how they look. Are they strong and healthy or do you see ridges, dents, or discoloration? Many of the undesirable nail conditions can be avoided through proper fingernail care. They might indicate an underlying disease or nutrient deficiency that demands attention. The diseases can range anywhere between anemia to thyroid disease. Nails are one of the last ones to receive nutrients that we take, so care is of utmost importance.

Our fingernails are composed of laminated layers of a protein called keratin which grow from the area at the base of the nail under the cuticle. Healthy fingernails are smooth, without any brittleness, ridges or dents. They’re uniform in color and free of spots or discoloration.

Here, we’re presenting you several tips on how to make your nails beautiful and healthy:

Brittle or split nails

Causes: Lack of moisture or not enough B vitamin biotin.

Solution: You should take an oral medicine Biotin (a vitamin) for at least 6 months. It’s available in 1mg size and smaller. The medicine should be taken 3 times a day to get started. Pregnant women should avoid taking this drug. Biotin is the most reliable, but calcium, colloidal minerals, and/or gelatin may also help.

Upward curling soft nails

Cause: Iron deficiency.

Solution: If laboratory tests confirm low iron, take 325 mg of iron sulfate three times a day.

Vertical ridges

Causes: Vitamin or mineral deficiencies as well as general malnutrition or other illness if they run horizontally.

Solutions: Use several drops of almond oil to polish the nails and a chamois buffer so as to remove the upper thin layer of the nails. You should do this every week to keep this condition from recurring.

Horizontal ridges or dents

Causes: Conditions like high fever, nutritional deficiencies, psoriasis, or trauma from surgery can affect the nail growth and create some dents.

Solutions: The recommended daily intake of protein is 55 grams and it should be consumed on a daily basis.

Yellow nails

Causes: Lack of vitamin E.

Solutions: 400 IU of vitamin E twice a day, every day can prevent discoloration. Oils like almond, hazelnut, peanut and wheat germ oil are also great antioxidants.


Causes: Yeast or microorganisms that develop when the nails are consistently under warm, damp and wet environment. Toe nails are the most affected in these conditions.

Solutions: Soak your nails in an antibacterial tea tree oil for 15 minutes a day until the parasite clears. Apple cider vinegar is also an excellent solution for the same problem.

White Spots

Causes: Nail injury or zinc deficiency.

Solutions: Nutritionists prescribe 50 mg of zinc every day. Zinc is also available in red meat, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, and peas.

These are the diseases which may be associated with the conditions of your fingernails:

  • Upward-bending nails: thyroid infection
  • Fragile nails: hyper-or hypothyroidism
  • Yellow nails: unending bronchitis
  • Blue nail beds: flow issues
  • Red nail beds: coronary illness
  • White nail beds: liver infection
Source:  http://letsgohealthy.net/