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9 Habits Of Women Who Lose Weight And Keep It Off


Losing even just a few pounds and keeping it off can be a struggle for women all over the world. Fat can be stubborn and our bodies don’t always take kindly to the idea of losing it.

Fortunately, along with a great diet and proper exercise, there are a bunch of little tricks that can help you drop the weight and keep it off, whether it’s 100 pounds or poor lifestyle choices, or 10 pounds of baby weight. Here’s how it’s done:

1. They pump iron.

Our culture characterizes lifting weights as a manly sort of sport, and many women are afraid of being huge muscular she-hulks, but lifting weight is actually very critical for losing weight. Muscle training burns more calories than the stationary bike ever will, even after you’re done with your workout.

2. They lose the scale.

The biggest key to losing weight is keeping yourself in a positive mindset about it, and if you obsessively step on the scale each morning, it can get frustrating. “Why am I one pound heavier today? Oh no, I’m falling away from my goal!” And then, cue spiral. Lose the scale. Let your doctor or gym weigh you every 2 weeks, max. Don’t obsess over the scale.

3. They control every aspect of their food.

Women who’ve lost weight and keep it off know one thing for sure: what’s for dinner tonight. Why? Because they already prepared it. By preparing your food beforehand, you control what you eat and the calories you take in. So instead of 6pm rolling around and your hangry self ordering a pizza, you know you have chicken and veggies in the crock pot waiting for you.

4. They don’t punish themselves.

People who successfully lose weight and keep it off don’t punish themselves. They don’t think, “Gosh, I ate a piece of cake, now I have to run a marathon to make up for it.” They don’t think, “Oh no, I had some candy, now my whole diet is ruined. Time for more candy!” Don’t sweat the cheat moments. Don’t sweat the times you’re naughty about food. In fact, make a little room for the stuff you really enjoy. Just don’t enjoy it too much.

5. They get lazy sometimes.

It’s important when you’re working out and exercising that you give yourself a lazy day once in a while. It’s crucial that you recover in a healthy way! You have to let your body heal itself. There’s nothing wrong with a little walk on your recovery days, but don’t push yourself too hard, otherwise you’ll hurt yourself and derail your goals.

6. Take some selfies.

Before I lost weight, I didn’t want my photograph to be taken. Ever. It bummed me out seeing myself like…that. Once you’ve begun losing weight, step back into photos. Take some selfies. Post them to Instagram and send some fun Snapchats. Let the world see what’s happening to you, and build up your self esteem.

Source: http://weightloss.allwomenstalk.com/