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A Magic Drink That Melts Away Excess Weight Overnight

It is very likely that you have some knowledge about the health benefits that these products bring separately, but you definitely don’t know that by consuming them together, these natural products can boost your metabolism and aid your efforts to lose weight.
  • One tablespoon of cinnamon
  • Two tablespoons of organic honey
  • 250 ml of water.
  • These amounts can be different, but remember that the ratio must stay 2:1. Simply, make the amount that you believe will be adequate for you.
  • Put the boil on the stove and wait until it starts boiling.
  • After that, remove the pot and cover it. Wait for a while until it gets colder.
  • Pour the cinnamon and organic honey once the water is cooled. You should never use honey in hot water because it will lose all of its properties.
  • Take half of this natural remedy before bedtime and consume what’s left in the morning on an empty stomach. This is all you have to do.

Remember that this drink will provide positive results only before meals or simply on an empty stomach. Do not consume it once you have finished your meal.

Source: Healthy Nutrition