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A Special Recipe by Dr. Budwig That Puts An End To Cancer From 3 To 6 Months


The steps provided by Dr. Budwig, can help remove tumors after 3 months of treatment, thanks to a special recipe that contains only two ingredients.

Dr.Budwig is a professional who believes that cancer can be fought by only natural remedies. That is possible if nutrients that the body lacks are consumed. According to Johanna Budwig, exactly the lack of some nutrients is fatal, which can lead to death.

The recipe that Dr. Budwig uses against cancer includes cheese/cottage cheese and linseed oil. Therefore salvation lies in consuming foods that contain these ingredients. To achieve the goals, both ingredients need to be taken together so that the treatment can have a full effect.

Mix 120gr of cottage cheese with 45g of linseed oil. Mix until you get a thick mixture. Drink the whole mixture at once and repeat the process the next day. This process goes on for at least 6 months, but in the first three months the tumor begins to shrink and the cancer is slowly destroyed.

“If this mixture of cottage cheese, cheese or linseed oil is consumed, you will feel healed. This way the lipoproteins and phosphatides that are vital when cancer is present, are slowed down. If they are present in the body, the tumor can’t grow, on the contrary – it decreases their size,” says Dr. Budwig.

Between 3 to 6 months were needed for Dr. Johanna Budwig’s patients to heal from cancer. They drank this mixture every day, so their immune system got stronger and stronger. The energy gained from this combination of cottage cheese/cheese and linseed oil, managed to reduce the tumor until it disappeared completely.

“Basically people are pretty skeptical when it comes to treating cancer because many have suffered from it and it’s the most lethal disease. I started using Dr. Budwig’s recipe and I’m still alive.” – says a 66 year old woman.

Source: http://healthyandnaturallifestyle.com