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About Us

Healthy House Ideas is a media platform, dedicated to providing and promoting healthy house ideas to our readers.

Healthy House Ideas is managed by two brothers, both IT graduates from university in USA. Before graduating with a degree in IT, one of the brothers was working as a waiter, while the second one was working as a cook. Together, they came up with the idea of improving people’s livestyles by providing them with new groundbreaking ideas, tasty recipes and drinks, innovative tips & curated content for motivation so they can improve their healt, healthy habbits, homes and thus their lifestyles.

We are always ready to improve the standard of our website & are always open to taking articles from our readers, if they have any idea or want to just say something using our medium.

So, keep visiting our website for latest tips on improving house standards.

We are never busy about hearing your feedback, criticism and ideas. You can email us at contact@healthyhouseideas.com about how you liked our site and we will be happy to have a chat with you.