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ALERT: If You Find A Coin Stuck In Your Car Door, Here’s What You Need To Do


The world we live in is a rat race for survival. While there are those living in the comforts of their homes, others live on the streets cracking their brains over where the next meal is coming from? It is the ways of society perhaps that leads people to steal. While there is no excuse for perpetrators of crime who steal for criminal intent, there are others who may do so in order to eat.

Stealing to has become extremely innovative over the years, the not so dangerous petty thieves are the ones to look out for. And do you know why? Because it is these who may not be inclined to kill or injure in order to steal, thus non violent means of stealing leads them to develop the most ingenious of ways to steal your belongings under your nose without you even realizing it. Car jackers are one such example have started a new trend. If you see a coin stuck in your car door, this is what they are upto.

1 Be careful of unattended parking lots

Obviously, car thieves will operate silently and in unattended parking lots while you may be at work or out shopping. The thief simply leaves a coin stuck in your car door handle right between the lock and the door frame. That will not allow the door to lock properly.

When you drive home. The thief will follow you and once its night, voila!!! He gains entry into your car all because the door was never locked.

2 Check your car thoroughly and notify police if you find a coin

Each time you access your car after it has been parked for a considerable period of time, make sure you give it a thorough check up; look for coins stuck in the door handle or pried open dickeys.

If you do happen to see a coin stuck in your car door, immediately notify the police. This means there are car thieves operating in the area and will not hesitate to strike again. Timely action and information to concerned authorities will no doubt prevent such activities in future benefitting all those who park their cars including you.

Source: americasfreedomfighters.com