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At Just 15 Years Old, He Weighed 715 Pounds… Wait Until You See Him TODAY! (VIDEO)


Losing a few pounds if you are overweight can sometimes be difficult. When you need to lose a few hundred, it can sometimes be impossible without the help of a medical professional. One teen weighed 707 pounds. He was 15 when he weighed his heaviest, but he got the help that he needed to shed the weight, and the transformation is amazing.

Jacob Miller has always been a little on the heavy side. He was born five weeks early and was still a healthy baby. When Miller was a teen, he started gaining about 100 pounds each year. He was a little over six feet in height, and weighed over 700 pounds when he decided to do something about his weight. The excess weight wasn’t good for his health, so his parents took him to a children’s hospital in Cincinnati.

There were several health problems that Miller was already facing, such as diabetes and heart disease. His parents decided to let him have gastric bypass surgery to help with weight loss. He followed a strict diet, and the weight started coming off. Only six months after the surgery, Miller was losing weight at a steady rate. He is now 17, and he just ran his first 5K. He dances with friends, and he is able to enjoy life more than ever. His diabetes is gone, and he can now sit in the front seat of a car. Miller knows that there is still more work, but it’s a change for the better.

Source: youtube.com