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This Is the Best Way to Dye Hair Totally Natural. Final Results Will Surprise You !!


Gray hair is a synonym for old age, which is why people are trying to get rid of it as soon as they notice a white or gray hair on their head. Our hair color significantly affects our appearance and may make us younger or older, which is why it’s so important for many women.

Nowadays, people are trying to look younger than they are, and pay special attention to the color of their hair.

There are hundreds of different hair colors on the market, but they are full of chemicals and often ineffective, which is why natural hair dyes are a better choice.

These products are sometimes responsible for hair breakage, allergies and irritation, and some of the chemicals in popular hair color brands are also identified as carcinogens. However, you don’t need to use these dyes – humans have dyed their hair with different natural ingredients since the dawn of time.

Henna, turmeric, indigo and senna are just some of natural plants that can dye your hair in any color you want. Here’s a nice recipe that will easily make your hair darker:


8 cloves

1/3 a cup of walnut shells

1 tablespoon of black tea

2 cups distilled water


Boil the water in an aluminum pot, then add the ingredients and simmer everything for 20 minutes. Now, take the pot off heat and leave the mixture to cool down, then strain it and apply it on your hair after you’ve washed it. Don’t rinse the dye off – just leave your hair to dry naturally. Repeat the process until you reach the desired shade.

Source: mycentralhealth.com