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Burn A Bay Leaf In Your House. The Reason? You Will Be Amazed!


Today to prepare many different meals people use bay laurel. But it is extremely helpful in other situations due to the characteristic smell it has. From ancient times the aromatherapy is being practiced and this means that even back then the people knew the great effects that aromas might have on humans.

For example in ancient Greece the bay laurel has been used for different medical purposes because they realized how great can turn to be for our health. It is extremely effective due to the anti-inflammatory properties and also the soothing properties. It is effective in maintain normal levels of blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It is also effective in solving the problems with insomnia and epilepsy and also it can relieve stress.

To obtain the health benefits of it you can boil it or you can just add it to be part of your diet or to be more specific your meals. You can also give yourself an aromatherapy with using it as incense. All you will have to do for that is to carefully light it in a fireproof bowl and to smell from it. You will be amazed by the results because they are noticeable right away!

You can even use the bay leaves to solve the problem with cockroaches in your home. It can keep all the annoying bugs away from your home due to the strong smell it has. Just place some bay leaves all around your home, especially in the place where you keep your food, and your home will be without the unwanted guests! This is extremely great if you have children or pets because it is not toxic and there will be zero side-effects from it. You can choose to use dry or fresh leaves but it is recommended for this purpose to use dry leaves because they are more effective due to the stronger smell.

Source: runhealthylifestyle.com