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Burn Thigh Fat Fast With THESE 3 Simple Steps!


Our diets are very different to those of our ancestors and nowadays it is not that hard for the body fat storage get out of control. The extra thigh fat brings cellulite and it looks awful. For this reason we will present you some steps that will have a big influence on your organism, helping your body get in shape.

Step 1 – fix your diet

You will have to be very cautious on what you consume. In order to improve digestion start consuming healthy snacks. Another thing which will help you as well is to drink lots of water as in this way your body will shred fat faster.

Step 2 –make good choices

You have to be aware that climbing on the stairs for 10 minutes will help you burn 102 calories. You can start with 2 minutes if you do not have the condition, and gradually increase the time. This will provide amazing effects. Then, you will have to change your habits and start making your go on feet. Do not use transport to work or other places.

Step 3 – dedicated exercises

The first exercise trainer Sara Haley recommends is called ‘around-the-room foggy’. Spread your legs, keeping the toes and knees pointed put and hanging your hands towards the floor. Then, you should squat down as low as you can, making sure you keep your chest lifted and your knees over your toes. The following thing to do is to jump, rotating your body a quarter turn to the right. Next, return to a squatting position and repeat the exercise until you have made a full circle. Do as much circles as you can.

The second exercise is inner thigh circles. Lie on one side and hold your head with one arm. Bend the top leg, placing it in front of the bottom leg. The bottom leg needs to be extended, pointing the foot until it is parallel to your body. Next, trace a large circle with that foot using slow and controlled motions for optimal results repeat the exercise 20 times and then change the side.

The third exercise is called the plank challenge. It will help you strengthen your arms, chest core, and glutes. Start with a plank position and place both your feet on a towel, supporting the upper body with your arms and sliding your feet as widely as possible. Using your thighs, squeeze them back together. Do 15 repetitions.

The video will show you how to do these exercise correctly.

Source: livehealthystyle.com