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Dad Put Baby Up for Adoption. 24 Years Later, He Learns They’ve Been in the Same Room for Months


A guy named Will Russell was a kid himself when he got a baby girl. Due to the fact that he faced alcohol addiction he couldn’t provide the baby with the care it needed, thus put it for adoption after the baby was born.

After year, he was drawn into the Phoenix Rescue Mission. This is an organization which provides “Christ-centered and life-transforming solutions to those who face hunger and homelessness. He was a volunteer there and was then transitioned to a full-time position.

Amy worked really hard in order to track her biological family by July 2013. She was connected to her one of nine siblings through social media, and ultimately she got the phone number of Will. Even though she was very anxious to call him dad, she mustered up the strength. Will received this with an open heart and told her that everything was going to be OK.

The both met for breakfast the following morning. He told her his story about the alcohol struggle and how his life took a downward spiral when he was in his 20s. His last drink was in 2004 and then he became a pastor. He helped other people manage and overcome addiction. They had a long and meaningful conversation.

He had to leave as he went to serve food at the Phoenix Rescue Mission. Amy was stunned. The reason will certainly leave you without a word.

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