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Dad Truly Goes Above And Beyond To Save His Newborn Son


Most parents will do anything for their children, and one short film recently characterized that truth in a manner that is as complete as any other, and it does so with only 7 minutes of screen time.

The short film, called Cargo, is difficult to watch in some places, but that is only because of the raw emotionality of the sequence. The film is about a father protecting his daughter during a zombie apocalypse. Unfortunately, this story is immediately different from any other. The father has been bitten by a zombie while trying to protect his wife, and even though he and his daughter survived, he knows he will eventually turn.

He creates a plan to save his daughter by doing the only thing he can think to do. He knows the nearest safe zone is several hours away, which should give him just enough time to save his daughter. He starts the journey, enjoying every last minute of time he can with his daughter while avoiding the ravenous zombies roaming the area.

The baby girl is strapped in a backpack carrier that hides her from the father, and he picks up a balloon along the way that gives away his position. As his eyes turn zombie-white, he reaches an open field and starts to cross. A moment later, he is shot by a sniper. He had arrived at the safe zone. When the snipers come to examine the body, they find the baby girl, who had her name written on her belly. Rosie had arrived safely.

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