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How to Detect Fake Honey (It’s Everywhere), Use This Simple Trick


We love pure natural honey. The reason for emphasising the words – pure natural honey, is because there are many fake honey in stores these days. The fake honey is on the rise because of the enormous amount of time and money spent to produce natural honey to meet the high demand.

It is believed that 76% of the honey on the shelves of stores are fake and are actually put through the process of ultra-filtration which tends to get rid of the pollen that is in the honey which is highly beneficial to our health.

The reason for this filtration proves according to producers, is to prolong the shelf life of the honey and also to stop crystallisation.

However, this process makes it difficult to know where the honey sold had been obtained from as the pollen is absent, so it is possible that defective honey could be sold without consumers knowing it.

It has been noted that Chinese honey has been contaminated with antibiotics and even metals, this honey is processed this way to meet the demands for the product.

Tips On Buying Honey

  • It has been confirmed that the honey sold in some stores are fake or lacking pollen, some of these stores include CVS Pharmacy, McDonald, KFC and Walgreen’s.
  • Avoid Honey Winnie the Pooh that is sold at Walmart it has no pollen.
  • Do not buy honey from Target, Costco and Sam’s Club as it has been discovered that more than 76% of these honey have no pollen.
  • There are also some adulterated honey that have been mixed with glucose as well as those ones that have low-quality mead.

How To Spot Fake Honey

  • When you buy original honey, it will crystallize with time. However, fake honey will not crystallize when refrigerated.
  • Always take your time to read the products label. Where the honey is loaded with commercial glucose and/or high fructose corn syrup you need to stay clear.
  • If you add a couple of iodine drops to a cup of water and introduce honey to this solution, where the colour changes to blue then there has been corn starch included in the honey.
  • If you mix vinegar in a glass of water and mix honey in this solution, if this solution starts to foam then you have honey that has plaster in it.
  • When you strike a match on put honey it will ignite.
  • When you add honey in a glass of water and it dissolves it is poor quality honey or fake honey as pure honey does not dissolve in water.

It’s important that you stay true to these tips when buying honey and also only purchase original pure natural honey rich in pollen.

Source: healthanddiytips.com