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Do You Know How To Consume Honey And What Are The Most Often Mistakes We Make? Here Are Some Useful Advices And Recommendations For Honey


You have probably heard a lot of the advantages of eating honey. Here we bring you several useful advices how to consume honey in the right way in order to take most of its nutrients, and what you should not do while taking honey.

The best way to take honey is one tablespoon of it on an empty stomach in the morning and one tablespoon in the evening.

The honey should be held in the mouth and let it melt inside for a couple of minutes. Don’t swallow it right away and drink water. Keeping it in your mouth will make the absorption through the blood vessels under the tongue and in the organism before it reaches the stomach. This way you keep most of the nutrients of the honey.

The other option is to melt one tablespoon of the honey in warm milk or tea. This drink should be taken slowly with small keepings in the mouth. This way the enzyme that activates the antiseptic and antibacterial properties of the honey is activated, which acts firstly on the mouth and stomach and then to the rest of the organism. This way you get maximal health use of the honey and strengthening of the immune system.

The honey taken in the morning will give you strength and energy and in the evening with milk or tea will help you and your children have good night sleep.

Honey shouldn’t be given to little children under the age of 1 (according to the latest researches) because of two reasons: breastfeeding botulism, a tough illness that the honey can provoke and because of allergic reactions. The honey contains large quantities of potential allergens of which the little baby’s organism isn’t ready for and we should be careful.

You can put honey on burns on the skin right after they occur and stop the appearance of scars.

You can put it on small wounds because it is antiseptic. This way you will make sterilization and lower the pain.

Don’t expose it to high temperatures. The honey becomes toxic when it is exposed to high temperature. That is why you should never put honey in cakes that you bake. Put under high temperature honey becomes harmful because it activates the sticky poisonous mater that stops the digestive tract and intestines.

Honey loses its features on temperature higher than 40 Celsius degrees, so put it in the tea after it cools off so it keeps the positive properties.

If you can, take the honey with a wooden, porcelain or plastic spoon. There is a research that proves that by taking honey with a metal spoon acts on its healing properties.

By crystallizing it doesn’t lose any healing properties.  It is only a natural process that happens when the honey is kept on low temperatures. The expiration date of a well closed honey is never ending.

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