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Dogs Locked In A Car For Five Hours Die Because Owner Went To The Gym And Forgot


Three dogs are dead after being left in a hot car while their owner went to the gym. The car was parked in Peterborough, and June 16th was a hot day. Jonathan Theobald, 65, admitted he was responsible for their deaths. When Theobald left the gym, two of the dogs had already died, and the third was close to death.

Theobald tried to help the poor dog, but the damage was done, and he was too late. The dogs, Daisy, Rascal, and Mitch, had no water in the car, and there was no ventilation. RSPCA Inspector Justin Stubbs said that people think it will be fine to leave their dogs in the car and that the dogs are happier in the car than being home alone.

Take a look at these darlings



Personally, I think, being alone at home is better than being cooked alive while trapped in a car. Theobald will be sentenced later this month. Share away, people.

Source: Pet Rescue Report