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Duct Tape for Removing Warts – This Treatment is Backed by Science


Warts are very annoying and unpleasant aesthetic problem. Warts are small, grainy skin growth that commonly appear on the fingers and the hands.

Usually warts are result of virus or are transmitted by touch. They could grow in different shape:

Small, fleshy, grainy growths
Flesh-colored, white, pink or tan
Rough to touch
With black pinpoints, which in fact are small, clotted blood vessels
Duct Tape for Removing Warts

The remedy I’m about to present to you is one of the most effective home remedies for eliminating warts. You should use silver duct tape and this treatment is a result of some preliminary studies.

During a study 61 participants with warts were exposed either to cryotherapy or duct tape treatment. Within 2 months, 85% percents of the participants who used duct tape eliminated their warts, while 60% of the participants who were exposed to crytherapy eliminated their warts.

You should do the following: Apply silver duct tape on the wart for six days. Then soak the wart in water and gently scrub the dead skin with a pumice stone.

Don’t apply the duct tape for 12 hours and then you can iterate the process until the wart is eliminated.

“All you need is patience. This method sometimes lasts for longer” – explains Dr. Juilian Whitaker, director of the Whitaker Wellness Institute.

To Lower your Risk Of Common Warts:

Try to be safe from wart contacts.
Eviscerating may spread the virus. Avoid eviscerating your warts
Never use the same pumice stone or nail clipper on your warts
Never bite your fingernails since the warts appear commonly in skin that has been broken.
Note: Consult with your doctor if your growths are achy or you notice some changes in color and appearance or the warts are spreading or reappear and you aren’t even sure if these growths are warts.

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