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Eat More Red Onion: It Kills Cancer Cells, Stops Nose Bleeds, Protects the Heart


Red onions are simply amazing and can provide a real health boost to anyone. Some don’t like them because of their strong smell but you shouldn’t let that stop you from eating them. They might have a strong aroma but they’re incredibly healthy, especially if you consume them fresh. There are a million ways to introduce them into your diet but one thing is for sure you need to start consuming them right away. Here are the top 7 reasons why you should be eating red onions:

Red onion stops cancer cells growth

It’s rich in sulfur compounds which protect your body from ulcers and various types of cancer. It’s also effective against urinary tract infections.

Red onions control diabetes

Raw onions are excellent for diabetics because they control the production of insulin.

Red onions cure constipation

They’re rich in fibers which makes them useful against constipation. They also flush out the toxins from your intestines.

Red onions help with sore throat

You can make some onion juice ad cure your sore throat and get better when you’re under the weather.

Red onions stop nose bleeds

Smelling raw red onions can stop a nosebleed quickly so whenever you find yourself in such a situation reach out for a fresh onion.

Red onions protect the heart

Red onions lower the risk of coronary diseases and help you keep your blood pressure under control.

Red onions control cholesterol levels

Eating raw red onions is recommended for people suffering from high cholesterol levels. Regular consumption will lower the LDL cholesterol in the blood and keep it under control.

Source: naturalmedicineteam.com