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Every Woman Should Know THIS Trick! Here’s Why?


Right now, millions of women all over the planet are carrying a fresh new napkin or two in their bags.

If you’re one of these women, you should know that napkins and panty liners have tons of other uses besides containing the menstrual flow.

These things are basically just hyper-absorbent, deodorizing, and disposable sanitary pads wrapped in cotton and individually packaged in waterproof plastic containers.

If you want, you can even get them in bulk for wholesale prices at your local grocery, because after finding out what else these things can do, you might want to stock up.

Use Them to Cover and Protect Wounds

Not everyone carries a first-aid kit. If you do happen to carry one, it should include a couple of napkins and some tape. They’re perfect for stopping the bleeding as well as putting pressure on small to large cuts. If there’s a lack of traditional medical equipment, or if your bandages have been exposed to dirt and grime, a fresh napkin and tape will do just as nicely.

Use Them to Filter Dirty Water before Boiling for Drinking

If you need to drink from streams and other natural sources of water, you can lessen the risk of consuming harmful materials by using an unscented napkin as a filter.

Fill up a large container with the questionable water. Open up an unscented napkin and put it over the mouth of the container. Secure the napkin tightly with tape, string, or anything you can use to keep the napkin in place. As you pour out the water, the napkin is going to filter all the dust, pebbles, and even some metals from the water. While this alone doesn’t ensure that the water is 100% clear of harmful materials and bacteria, it’s a big step in cleaning it up for consumption. In a pinch, this technique could literally save lives.


Use Them to Sprout Seeds

This is a great little project for introducing little girls to the water-retaining qualities of pads and napkins. Just soak a pad with water to capacity, and put it in a glass jar that’s lying down flat. Sprinkle the seeds of whatever sprouts that you want to grow. You can put this entire thing near a sunny window and in time, it’s going to sprout some delicious tiny produce that you can put in pasta and pizzas.

Use Them to Clean Up Wet Messes

If necessary, a napkin can be a virtually indestructible paper towel. They’re the perfect small-sized disposable cleanup pad. This is especially true if you find napkins containing baking soda.

Do you have a dirty microwave? Soak a napkin in water and nuke the wet pad for about a minute. This steams up the inside of the microwave, softening up whatever’s stuck on its walls, roof, and floors. The same pad can be used to wipe the whole thing off later. Repeat as necessary.

Use Them to Control Your Sweating

Large, thick napkins can be used as deodorizing, comfortable, and disposable shoe pads. Just lay them out on your shoes before putting them on. This is a great solution for anyone with excessively sweaty feet.

You can also use 2 napkins as an instant pair of armpit sweat protectors. Just stick them to the inside of your shirt’s armpit. Once they’re completely soaked, replace them with new ones.

 Use Them as Breast pads

If you’re breastfeeding and have leaky boob syndrome, don’t waste your money on breast pads! Instead, cut a towel in half and stick into your bra with the adhesive on the back.

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