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Get Rid Of Extra Body Water Immediately: Here Is How


Retained water can be a serious health problem, especially for women. Affected people suffer from it for many years, not even knowing what is causing the problem.

As we know, 70% of our body is composed of water, and the function of controlling that water remains entirely in the capacity of our organism. However, the body is not always capable of regulating excess water, and that can be due many different disturbances. That’s the reason why some of us feel bloated.

It can either be a small problem you solve yourself, or a serious health issue if you fail to regulate it on time. Therefore, if you notice your body’s incapacity to deal with this problem, turn to a doctor and ask for advice. In case the doctor determines that the problem is not serious, try one of the tactics we’re suggesting:

1. Reduce the amount of salt you’re using per day

People who suffer the most from excess water in their bodies are the ones that consume a lot of salt in their daily nutrition. Large amount of salt is usually contained in fast and unhealthy food, so try to avoid it and to eat healthier stuff.

2. Consume more potassium

Potassium, the same as sodium, serves to maintain the balance in our bodies, and it stabilizes the level of salt and water in our body. It is usually contained in bananas, oranges, grapes, carrots and blackberries, so take those and try to keep it stable. In case the level is too low, consult your doctor and buy supplements if necessary.

3. Eat as much fruits and vegetables as you can

Fruits contain water, which makes their natural diuretic effect essential for your nutrition. They can stabilize the amount of water in your body, especially when you eat lettuce, cabbage, grapefruits, watermelon or tomatoes.

4. Consider probiotics

The most beneficial tactic for treating excess water in the body is taking probiotics, because such are beneficial for your intestinal flora, and they help you remove bad bacteria from the organism. Doctors usually recommend kefir, yoghurt, and sauerkraut to help you balance the level of water in your body.

5. Do more physical exercise

Needless to say, exercise is a key to human health, and it is especially beneficial for water retention in the body. What exercising does is to stimulate blood vessels expansion, so that blood will move quickly through them, and water will have no obstacles to abandon the body. Besides, you don’t have to exercise for hours to obtain the effect; usually all you need is just 30 to 50 minutes of physical activity.

6. Take advantage of loose clothing

If your clothing is not light and comfortable, you won’t feel good, and you won’t help water leave your body. Therefore, try loose clothing when you feel bloated.

7. Consume water

You may think this will have a contradictory effect, but that’s not true. Having failed to consume enough water for your daily needs, you’re stimulating the body to retain it inside in order to perform its normal processes. That’s why you need to consume plenty of water per day, 8 to 14 glasses depending on your physical activities.

It doesn’t have to be water in its clean form: try other liquids too, the same as healthy food, fruits and vegetables. Once again, try to consume as little salt per day as possible, as it is one of the main factors.

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