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Here Is Why You Have To Stop Feeding Your Children With Hot Dogs


All over the country, doctors alerted the parents with one single message.

Stop Feeding the Kids Hot Dogs

There is no doubt that hot dogs are an American favorite. I remember that for the 4th of July I was having hot dogs, cheese mixed up and mac.

When I think about it, I can still taste it. Every 4th of July nation-wide, 155 million wieners are consumed.

But according to new study, children who eat more than a several hot dogs a month are actually 9 times more vulnerable of more vulnerable to develop childhood leukemia.

Mother who consume a hot dog per week during pregnancy, they actually increase the risk of developingbrain tumors to their children.

Fathers who consume hot dogs before conceiving a child, they also increase the risk of getting cancer to their children.

What Are The Main Reasons For These Negative Consequences?

– Nitrite Additives –

Usually to combat botulism, nitrites are harmful additives added to hot dogs. These carcinogenic compounds are combining with amines which are naturally present in the meat during cooking the dogs. We should be aware that these are seriously carcinogenic compounds.

You have to limit the consumption of hot dogs or look for nitrite free meals if you must feed yourself or your family with hot dogs.

For your overall health and the health of your children, lobby the school board to remove hot dogs that contain nitrite or buy start buying nitrite-free hot dogs.

Do you still consume hot dogs?   

Be aware and protect your children.

Source: http://healthadvisorgroup.com/