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Here’s How To Grow This Powerful Cancer-Fighter In Your Own Yard


One of the leading causes of death is colorectal cancer. And even though the traditional treatment, medicine use and chemotherapy are the most usual way to solve this problem, a lot of people say that they managed to cure the disease with alternative medicine.

For example, Chris Wark is one of those people. He has a website Chris Beat Cancer, where he encourages other people to beat the cancer in a natural way, without going through chemotherapy, surgery or radiation.

We don’t need to say that prevention is better than the treatment. So, you need to prevent colorectal cancer by exercising moderately, avoiding stress and staying away from unhealthy fast food.

Not very long ago, it was discovered that there is a food that is extremely powerful when it comes to the prevention of colon cancer. Studies have revealed that purple potatoes can be amazing tools against the colon cancer.

Purple potatoes

These potatoes are rich in anthocyanins that can kill the cancer stem cells.

These cancer cells are resistant to the conventional treatments, meaning that they can create more cancer cells.

That’s why cancer often returns after remission from chemotherapy or radiation.

In a recently conducted study, the researchers utilized cooked potatoes, instead using raw. It was discovered that the anthocyanins kill cancer cells.

The team used baked potato extracts in their in vivo and in vitro studies. Results revealed that purple potatoes (baked) can reverse the growth of tumors.

“You can compare cancer stem cells with weed roots,” said Penn Jairam Vanamala. “You can try to cut the weed, but if the roots are down there, the weeds will constantly grow back and, this is the same for cancer, if cancer stem cells still exist in the body, the cancer can still spread and grow.”

The purple potatoes come from Peru and fortunately, they are not very widespread so that Monsanto can have interest in making them genetically modified. Purple potatoes can be bought from most healthy food stores and can be cooked in numerous ways. Since they are pretty small, it’s best to boil them and mash them with organic butter and sea salt.

Furthermore, you can make a potato salad! Make your own mayonnaise or purchase a healthy version that doesn’t contain soy or canola oil.

But purple potatoes aren’t the only anthocyanin source. For example, dark cherries and plums are some of the best sources of anthocyanins. Of course, you should eat these fruits raw.

What about Starches?

There is a starch known that it takes longer to digest in order to create sugar and is not resistant. Although it disappears during the cooking, it returns after it cools off. Thus, this starch can be found in white and purple potato salads, pastas and peas.

Purple potatoes are very rich in resistant starch. The starch has chlorogenic acid which is a strong antioxidant and a great tumor fighter. The greatest amount of this starch can be found in cooked and then cooled starchy foods.

“This resistant starch can be found in beans, peas as well as other legumes, cooked and cooled starchy foods such as pasta salad and rice and green bananas. Eat it at below room temperature — once you heat it, the resistant starch disappears. But if eaten correctly, it can kill pre-cancer cells in the bowels”, claims researcher Janine Higgins.

Source: http://educationofsoul.com/