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Here’s What Will Happen When You Stop Eating Bread!


Bread is very common food product in the Western diet and it can be found in almost everyone’s table. It’s served everywhere and in every household. It’s eaten with each meal. However, bread is responsible for 20% of the calorie intake. We don’t say to exclude bread from your meals but try not to eat it as frequent as you can. You’ll be amazed what’s going to happen to your body as soon as you stop eating bread on a daily basis.

Lose Water Weight

As soon as you lower the carbs intake, you will start losing weight significantly, because it’s the accumulated water that is shedding, not the fat. It means that if you stop consuming carbs and use your body’s glycogen stores, the significant amount of water weight starts to shed off so fast.

You Will Feel Exhausted

Carbs represent the major source of energy needed for the brain. When you reduce the intake of carbs, you brain starts to run on fumes, especially when the glycogen stores lower down and get depleted. As the time will go on, all the glycogen stores will be used by your body and once this happens, you will start experiencing dry mouth, weakness, insomnia, brain fog, bad breath, tiredness, dizziness, nausea, and etc. But only after a while, your body is going to get used to this dramatic change and you won’t feel that way anymore.

Digestion Problems

Recent studies show that the intake of whole grains plays the major role for the amount of fiber you receive. In one of the studies, there has been found that 92% of the adults in the U.S.A. don’t get the needed amount of grains. This is very bad since fiber stabilizes the blood and sugar levels, reduces the chronic diseases and the risk of obesity. At the same time, it helps in the regulation of your bathroom habits.


Once you eliminate the carbs from your diet, the feeling of anxiety occurs. Carbs are responsible for increasing the brain levels that produce neurotransmitter serotonin which makes us feel good. Therefore, the lack of carbs results in the bad mood and anxiety. In other words, as soon as you cut whole grains which provide our brain with a lot of carbs, your mental health declines leading to a complete drop in the energy levels.

Source: healthyfoodteam.com