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How Your Birth Month Determines If You’ll Get Sick: Researchers Reveal The Ailments You’re Most At Risk From!


According to some researches, your birth month can affect your health. Is this really possible?

The University of Cambridge made a research where it was found that summer babies were born slightly heavier and tended to be taller as adults. The explication was in the sun exposure. Namely, the mothers were exposed to sunlight for long period.

Another from Columbia University found that 55 conditions, much and more heart-related are started from the first day of birth.

Dr. Nicholas Tatonetti was in charge for this study of the relationship between the birth month and the conditions related systems and he revealed that there were several conditions present there:

  • Cardiovascular
  • Respiratory
  • Reproductive
  • Neurological

What was found?

Babies born in May had the lowest risk of all diseases.

All of the babies born in October had the highest risk of illness.

Asthma was the biggest risk for the ones who are born in March.

Neuroglia issues are risky for the babies born in winter months.

ADHD risk increased into the year, and women born in the warmest months of the year were more likely to have trouble conceiving a child.

Tatonetti’s team is currently working with 40 other healthcare institutions worldwide to standardize health records for a more detailed research.

This research includes over 1,7 million of health records from New York City.

Watch the video below to see the relation between birth months and some diseases:

Source: http://www.healthylifetricks.com