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How Your Sleeping Position Affects Your Health


You probably know that sleeping with your neck all scrunched up might cause you to wake up with a headache, or that a crummy mattress may contribute to back pain. But did you know that your sleeping position can have other effects on your health, and even increase or decrease your risk of certain diseases?

Sleeping On Your Stomach

This style can improve your digestion, but it’s only recommended if you’ve developed a technique of breathing through the pillow. This style can cause back pain, because there’s no lumbar support. However, if you snore and don’t have chronic back pain and neck pain, try this pose but, be sure to select a very thin pillow.

Fetal Position

This position is favored by 60 percent of the people, but it has its disadvantages. This position is bad for your spine and neck. Also, you may experience problems with breathing. However, this position is great for people with snoring problems and pregnant women.

Sleeping On Your Side With Your Arms Along Your Body

This style is great for your spine, as it’s held in its natural position. This way you reduce back pain. The bad thing is, this pose contributes to faster aging of the skin, and influences appearance of wrinkles on your chest.

Sleeping On Your Side With Your Arms At Your Side

While this position is good for your spine, it can cause arm and shoulder pain.

Right Or Left Side

The side you sleep on has a big impact on your health. If you sleep on your right, chances are you’re struggling with heartburn, while sleeping on your left side means you’re pressing your liver, lungs and stomach. Doctors recommend pregnant women should sleep on their left side, because this position encourages better circulation of the fetus.

Soldier Position

It’s believed this position is best for spine and neck health. However, the disadvantage of this position is occurrence of snoring and apnea.


This position is great for your spine, and it doesn’t contribute to rapid skin aging and wrinkle formation. But, on the other side, this position encourages snoring and causes a problem with stomach acid.

Embraced With Your Pillow

No matter in which position you sleep, it’s sure that you’ll welcome the morning rested and with less pain, if you spend the night in an embrace with your pillow.

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