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If You Own A Cell Phone From This List You Should Replace It – Here’s A List Of Phones That Radiate The Most And Can Damage Your Health


t’s 2016. Major manufacturers have been competing for years who will offer the best smartphone on the market. Almost every person on this planet owns a smartphone.

Some people use it just for calls / sms, but there are more and more people who can’t imagine spending an hour without it. It’s like it has become a part of their hand. You’re probably even reading this article on your smartphone. But, are you aware that phones could be dangerous for your health?

Radiation is a real thing. Some say it’s harmful, some say it’s not. However, there’s a limit for it, and it’s 1.6 watts per kg. Any cellphone that has radiation bigger than 1.6 watts/kg, will not be sold in the USA.

These 5 cellphones are close to that limit, which means they are the most dangerous and you shouldn’t buy them:

Source: http://www.healthyviral24.com/