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If You Put a Clove of Garlic in Your Ear, This Is What Will Happen!


Everyone who has experienced an ear ache knows how painful it is. Namely, an ear ache is usually caused by some bacterial infection in the ear, according to the Mayo Clinic. Nonetheless, the main cause of an ear infection is often linked to some other condition like a cold, flu, or allergy.

Hence, these conditions are known to cause inflammation, congestion, and swelling in the ear, throat, and nose.  In most of the cases, an ear infection disappears on its own and there is no need of medical treatment. But, this doesn’t mean that you need to sit and endure the pain. Luckily, there are natural ways for a quicker recovery and alleviation of the symptoms. Take a look:


Garlic is an amazing remedy in this case, due to its potent antimicrobial, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. According to Wellness Mama, you can prepare garlic-infused oil, or just stick a clove of garlic in theinfected ear.

To prepare the oil mixture, you should add a clove of fresh, minced garlic mixed with some olive oil, leave it for 20 minutes, and then strain it and remove the garlic. Let the oil cool off and drop a few drops in the painful ear.

Coconut oil

As seen on Livestrong, heat 1/8 cup of coconut oil with 2 cloves of garlic in a small saucepan. Leave the oil and garlic to simmer for five minutes. Then, strain the mixture. Next, while lying on your side, apply two drops of oil into the ear. Lie still for five minutes. You can use this remedy twice per day for a week until or until the symptoms go away.


Swedish researchers found that honey provides even better effects than antibiotics in fighting bacteria, which is a common reason for ear infections. You should pour a few drops into the painful ear to relieve the pain.

Olive oil

According to Parenting.com, few drops of warm olive oil in the ear can alleviate the inflammation- the cause of the ache. This method is safe both for adults and babies.


The consumption of ginger tea treats ear infections, You can also prepare a ginger juice, by grating a piece of fresh ginger and crushing it to squeeze out the juice. Then you need to warm the juice and place 4 drops into the ear.

Apple cider vinegar

According to Livestrong, heat some apple cider vinegar and then pour couple of drops in the air. Cover the ear with some cotton and lie down to allow the liquid to reach deep into the ear.


It has been shown that earaches can be quickly treated with an onion ear muff as well. You should slice the onion in half, remove the inner rings, and heat the outer 3 in the oven at 300ºF (150ºC).

As soon as they start to steam, remove them from the oven, and wrap them in a towel. Place the towel onto the infected ear, and it will quickly soothe the pain.

Source: healthtipsportal.com