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If You’re Feeling Depressed, Anxious, Sad, Or Nervous, Try This Ancient Method For INSTANT Relief (VIDEO)


This technique is an ancient Japanese healing method and it is known as Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Now this technique which was introduced to America in the mid-fifties by an Asian-American woman known as Mary Burmeister. She learnt it from a Japanese trado-medical expert known as Jiro Murai.

This purpose if this technique is to promote healing just by massaging your fingers as each finger is believed to be connected to an organ.

It can be done at any time and at any place, for example:

  • while driving
  • while watching TV
  • while reading book

Energy is believed to run through your body like blood and each finger has an important role to play in healing.

This is how your fingers are connected to various emotions:

      Finger — Emotional Connection

  • Thumb — Worry
  • Index   — Fear
  • Middle — Anger
  • Ring    — Sadness
  • Pinky   — Low self-esteem

Try out the technique as follows:

  • You can either run through your fingers or you can focus on the finger which helps the emotion you are battling with.
  • You can hold your fingers while sitting or standing.
  • Hold your finger with your other hand for 2 to 5 minutes.
  • Breathe.
  • You can move to another finger when you feel a pulse of energy in the finger you are holding.

Try this technique today for improved emotion and ultimately better health.


Source/Reference: www.healthyandnaturallife.com