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The Man Who Shook The World: “cancer Can Be Treated In Less Than 3 Minutes!” This Man Demonstrated It!


“The Theory of Cancer” was created by an American called Gregg Braden. Almost everyone knows about it. The theory offers knowledge on how the state of our emotions can actually change the human DNA, as well as the power that our thoughts have to treat illnesses and diseases. He claims that in many cases, it is not only a question of physical state, but also of the connection that exists between the spirit and the person. How can a person recover from an illness? According to Braden, it is possible to cure cancer in only 3 minutes!

It was scientifically explained in a magazine of sciences called “The Nature ” n. 332 from 1996. There are also many different studies that have demonstrated that our emotions and ways of thinking are the most important thing in the electromagnetic field and their waves reach to one meter from us. Researchers think that one day people will be able to produce electrical energy just by expressing thoughts.

As soon as this theory is digested and a person manages to carry out these thoughts collectively, he/she creates a skill for the healing of illnesses. Scientists managed to demonstrate this through an audio-visual product recorded in a Chinese Hospital, where a carcinogenic tumor was reduced to 2,5 times the size it was in less than three minutes. The finished process was shown in the ultrasound scan on the screen.

If you learn to drain your emotions, you can create a powerful electromagnetic radiation. You can also control them and improve them with trainings. Our feelings and emotions are considered to be “mirrors.” Everything we have inside us goes out externally and surrounds the ambience where we live and create.

We have to be extremely careful about what we say or feel, because our DNA absorbs everything. If we want to change something inside us, our DNA will also change. We must have faith and put it into our thoughts and emotions, because only in that way we will be able to change our life to the greatest extent!

Source: http://www.healthytipsworld.net