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Mix Bananas, Honey and Water: Cough and Bronchitis Will Disappear


Chronic cough and bronchitis are not easy to treat, even by conventional medicine. However, things have changed now.

We present a natural remedy that contains some of the oldest and most potent ingredients that soothe the throat and lungs and cure coughing and bronchitis in no time!

Honey and bananas are ingredients that have powerful effects and constitute this remedy. This natural remedy is suitable for both children and adults and has an excellent taste.

This remedy is beneficial for treating numerous issues, from sore throat, bad cough, to even stomach problems.

How to prepare it:


  • Two tablespoons of honey
  • 400 ml boiling water
  • Two medium ripe bananas with dots


Start by peeling the bananas, and then puree them with a wooden fork or spoon. You are not recommended to use metal cutlery because the bananas tend to darken when in contact with metal.

Then, put the bananas in pot and add some boiled water. Steep the mixture for about half an hour.

In the end, once the remedy is cooled off, add the honey to the mixture. If you want the mixture to be transparent strain it. Do not forget that the honey needs to be added last, so it does not lose its important properties from the boiling water.


  • Consume this remedy every day, four times daily. Consume 100 ml of the drink each time, which makes 400 ml per day.
  • The recipe given is enough for a daily amount, so the following day you are recommended to prepare a fresh one.
  • You will get the first results in five days.

As always, nature offers the best solution possible, which means that we should appreciate it more and turn to it more frequently in order to find numerous other beneficial remedies.

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