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NASA Will Pay You 18000 USD To Stay In Bed And Smoke Weed For 70 Straight Days


Everybody get lazy from time to time and merely want to quit whatever, crawl back to bed under a layer of blankets and live there till we feel much better. We might feel a bit guilty but a peaceful day in bed sounds amazing. Regardless of the fact that it’s a high-end which few individuals can afford, a minimum of we can all think about it.
If you are among those who stay in desperate requirement of some peace and relaxation, NASA may supply you the perfect opportunity to do so and generate income on top of it. But it might involve a bit more relaxation than you’re gotten ready for.

NASA has in fact put out an ad looking for individuals who’re ready to take part in their “Rest Research studies”– a study which will need individual to spend 70 straight days in bed, relaxing and smoking various types of marijuana, for which they will receive an income of 18.000 USD. Throughout the relaxation duration individuals are enabled to read books, play games, Skype and smoke weed. They can do whatever they desire as long as it includes staying in bed, week after week, making a cool 1200 USD per week.nasa-will-pay-you-18000-usd-to-stay-in-bed-and-smoke-weed-for-70-straight-day

These research studies have the purpose of finding out the very best method to maintain astronauts’ health and wellness during periods of prolonged area travel. Complete rest and relaxation is the finest way to stimulate no gravity in area considering that no gravity truly recommends definitely no weight or strain on your muscle. Moreover, they preferred to see how cannabis will affect the body in such an environment.

The Rest Research study is an actually useful way to examine the adjustments our body sustains during location travel.

This research study is developed to accomplish 3 core jobs:

Analyzing how the astronauts’ modifying physiology in area might impact the process of particular objectives.
Analyzing if the astronauts’ physiological state might impact their ability to carry out in specific tasks.
Preparing countermeasures to combat any impairment that these physiological conditions might impose.
The research study’s individuals were divided into 2 groups: exercising and non-exercising.

The exercising group will have to exercise (on a specifically developed devices to keep the setting position and smoke cannabis), while the non-exercising group will just need to rest and unwind totally.

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