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Do Not Buy Bottled Water Never Ever Again! Read This Article To Learn Why!


We are all buying water from the markets in bottles because it is only water, right? But it is not as it looks like because the plastic that the water bottles are made of, contain harmful substances and that can cause serious health issues.

Today on a daily basis millions of bottled water is consumed all around the globe and each bottle should have listed on it the ingredients that are used for the preparation of the plastic bottles. On some bottles you might already noticed that there are symbols like PP or HDPE, but what do they actually mean?

PP – This is indicator for a plastic bottle that is white or/and transparent and it usually is on the bottles for yogurt.

HDP, HDPE – One of the safest plastic bottles for the human health and as well for the environment.

PC – Indicates that the plastic is dangerous and it contains many chemicals.

LDPE – This symbol means that the plastic will not release chemicals in the water and it is usually used for plastic bags.

PVC, 3V –This is indicator that the plastic is flexible and it is usually used for packing foods but it can release 2 dangerous chemicals that can have bad effect on the hormones.

PS – The fast food containers usually have it and it should be avoided as much as possible because it has carcinogenic substances which might be released in the food and drinks.

PAT, PETE – This is indicator that the bottle is for a single use but this plastic can have bad effect on the hormones as well because it can release chemicals and heavy metals.

Source: https://www.myhealthylifehacks.com/do-not-buy-bottled-water-never-ever-again-read-this-article-to-learn-why/

Source: myhealthylifehacks.com