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Owner Is Brought To Tears After Seeing What Her Dog Does After She Leaves The House Every Day


Most of us leave our pets at home almost everyday as we go to work, run errands or other activities outside of the home. But, have you ever wondered what your beloved four-legged friend does when you aren’t there?

Nancy and Alex set up a hidden camera all around the house to see what their dog, Max does when they are gone. Both Nancy and Alex were shocked at what happens when they are not around! At first, Max seems okay, he pulls his lead down off the shelf.

Max then howls and barks for a few minutes. Seeing this brings Nancy to tears. University of Lincoln’s Professor Daniel Mills attempted to explain what they saw. Mills try to make the couple understand why Max would behave like that even though he knew his owners always came back. Mills claimed that the behavior comes from the right side of Max’s brain – that is the side associated with his negative emotions.

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Source: youtube.com