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PHOTO: This Dog Refused To Be Separated From Her Belly – Doctors Accidentally Discovered Why!?!


Pets such as dogs in some cases for them might be hard to accept a new member in the family, but that is not the same as the dog that this article will be about.

The following story is about one married couple that had a dog, and that dog actually discovered that the wife, Alhana was actually pregnant.

Alhana said that she did the pregnancy test twice and that it was negative both times. But what surprised her is when Keola (the dog) did something unusual. She said that the dog started digging and searching for something in the trash. And Keola stopped doing that when he found the pregnancy test in the trash. And when Keola found it, it was actually saying that it is positive. Even the doctors told her that she is not pregnant even though she had nausea. This is a conclusion that the dog discovered something that even doctors could not.

And Alhana also said that during the time of her pregnancy, Keola was all the time next to her, and when she was laying on her back, Keola always had his head on Alhana’s belly. And yes the truth was that she was actually pregnant. And Alhana and her husband Ricky were so happy about that, and they recommend for everyone that have pet at home, especially if it is a dog to carefully watch every move of it, because they can discovered something that might change your life!

Source: healthcarechecker.com