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After Reading This, You Will Never Use Your Phone While You Are in the Bathroom!


Many people have the habit of taking their phone to the bathroom which can be very dangerous. Doing this increases your chance of getting salmonella or other germs such as E. coli and C diff. Dr. Lisa Ackerley who is a hygiene experts says that picking up your phone after wiping your buttocks transfers the germs on your hands again when you wash them. She strongly recommends that you shouldn’t take your phone again when you go to the bathroom.

Different bacteria can end up on your phone depending on where the toilet is. Especially hospitals and cruise ships are places where all kinds of viruses and bacteria can be found.

Dr. Ackerley also explains that these viruses and bacteria can be transferred in different ways such as putting your toothbrush near the toilet seat, or putting the phone on the toilet paper holder.

These harmful germs and viruses can survive on your phone for several days, and the heat from the phone causes a perfect environment for them to multiply.

Also, the phone cases which are commonly used make the perfect home for the bacteria. Therefore, consider leaving your phone or putting it in your bag next time you go to the toilet.

Source:  http://healthyremedies.info/