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What The Shape Of Your Chin Reveals About Your Personality


You probably don’t know, but the shape of you face can reveal a lot about your personality. We are well aware that we can’t judge people according to their physical appearance, however, according to some people, the face can definitely give some insights about our characteristics. When it comes to Chinese reading, our chin can definitely show some characteristics of an individual.

In order to find out more about you and your character, make sure to continue reading the article and learn what the shape of your chin means.

Square Chin

People who have square chin are usually quite stubborn, aggressive and direct. They don’t have the ability to sugar coat their words and are not good at expressing themselves which often offends other people. At last but not least, they are very proud and they like to save face.

Short Or Narrow Chin

These people are most commonly intellectual and sharp-minded. On the other hand, they are not good at self-introspection, critical and neurotic as well.

Long Chin

These people are always loyal and make friends easily since they are easygoing. The best part is that these people are usually blessed to have a big happy family with a lot of grandchildren around them and they leaf a peaceful life.

Receding Chin

People with receding chin are like no chin and they are usually easygoing, have great luck with money, they are quite popular, but unfortunately they are very indecisive.

Protruding Chin

People with this type of chin are workaholic and self-confident. Moreover, they are also warm on the inside but cold on the outside.

Round Chin

Those who have round chin are often extremely optimistic and deeply emotional. According to the old Chinese saying, they tend to work hard in earlier life so that they can enjoy good happiness later in life.

Source: tophealthnews.net