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She Used A Natural Face Mask Instead Of Botox : The Results Are More Than Excellent ! (Recipe)


The mask presented in this article has the same effects as Botox treatments. In other words, it will help you get rid of the wrinkles and tired appearance, while leaving your skin firm, elastic, and smooth.

– A tablespoon cornstarch
– A tablespoon sour cream
– 5 tablespoons fresh carrot juice

– Put the cornstarch in a half glass of water and mix well
– Boil 400 ml of water and let it cool down afterwards, but not entirely
– Add the starch in this water and simmer for a while, until the mixture thickens
– Add the sour cream and carrot juice when the mixture cools down.
– Mix all the ingredients well
– Wash your face and apply the mask onto it
– Let it work for about 25-30 minutes
– Rinse the face with warm water and apply a cream as you usually do

It is recommended to repeat the procedure in the period of three consecutive days, for optimal results.


Source: http://timeforhealthyfood.com/