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She Went To The Salon To Get Her Hair Done. Minutes Later She Would Be Fighting For Her Life


All women love to go to the hair salon in order to make some chages with their look whether it is just a cut or changing of hair color, but sometimes we are not happy with the outcome.

Not every salon is the same and some of them really cannot be trusted, since there are many risk to our health that we are not aware of. The danger was brought to light by a young woman, Elizabeth Smith, whose visit to the Blowbunny Salon in San Francisko ended catastrophicly. The woman had to rush in a hospital.

After she was examined, she was evaluated with a CT scan. The results showed that an artery in her neck was damaged and this is the reason why she had a stroke, according to the doctors. Now, the question is how on earth this could happen from simply getting her hair washed at the salon sink?

Maybe to us this sounds impossible, but this phenomenon is certainly well-know to the doctors as to the salon owners, and it is called: “Beauty Parlor Stroke”. This happens due to the salon chairs which are used to make you comfortable while washing your hair. The hairdresser puts your hair into a position that allows your  neck to rest comfortably in an appropriate lip of the sink.

Listen to her story in this video and you will hear about her 8 month recovery. She just wants to warn other people about this relatively not know danger.

It has to be noted that adjustments should be made for differences in height that could affect the angle of the neck.

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