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The 10-Day Sugar Detox Diet (To Reset Your Body and Brain)


The unnatural sweeteners are causing many ailments like dementia, diabetes, cancer, depression, infertility, heart diseases, etc.

An average American citizen eats 152 pounds of sugar every year, and weighs around 197 pounds. The average weigh in women is 167 pounds, in comparison with the average weigh of 141 pounds in the 1960’s. On the other hand, the children consume around 34 teaspoons of sugar per day, which results with pre-diabetic condition in every 1 of 4 kids in America.

The average of 152 pounds of sugar means that a person consumes 22 teaspoons of sugar daily. The relation between increase in weight and sugar intake is evident. Only a glass of Coca Cola or milkshake packed with sugar, raise the blood sugar levels and insulin production instantly. It is a fact that refined sugar doesn’t have any nutritional value. A Harvard study proved that the sugar cravings originate from the brain.

The Big 10

Dr. Mark Hyman came up with an amazing method of losing weight without strict diet or starving. His diet includes carb-reversing foods that reset the brain and eliminate the sugar from the diet. Six hundred people have shared their positive experiences with this diet, claiming that they lost 4000 pounds in total within 10 days!


10-day Detox Diet

Read on and learn more about the diet that will cleanse your body from sugar and carbs.

Decide to Detox

The first thing you must do when eliminating sugar from your body is a detox process. Read Dr. Hayman’s book for more instructions that will teach you when is the time for detox. If you answer positively to all f them, then you must do a detox.

Cold Turkey

When trying to get rid of some addiction, the best thing you can do is to cut it in its roots. In order to eliminate sugar from your diet, don’t consume all its forms. This means avoiding of all unnatural sweeteners and flour products. They decelerate the metabolism, stimulate sugar cravings and create fat accumulations in the body. Eat raw, fresh and organic foods.

Don’t Drink Calories

Dr. Hayman explains: “Any form of liquid sugar calories is far worse than solid food that includes flour and sugar.” Don’t drink sodas, sport drinks, juices and sweetened coffee and tea. They are rich in calories and only worsen the problem. A single glass of soda raises the possibility of obesity by 60% in kids and the possibility of type II diabetes by 80% in women.

Protein Power

One of the best things you get from this diet is increased intake of protein. The protein controls the blood sugar and insulin levels since it is a carb-free source of energy. It keeps you satiated because it is harder for digestion. Eat eggs or protein shake for your breakfast. Also, you can eat nuts, seeds, fish, chicken or grass-fed meat which are rich in proteins. The average portion size should be the size of your palm.

Unlimited Carbs

Vegetables are rich in carbohydrates and you can take them as much as you want. You can include many vegetables in your 10-days diet regime, including broccoli, cauliflower, greens, kale, peppers, asparagus, green beans, mushrooms, zucchini, tomatoes and artichokes. Avoid the starchy vegetables like potatoes and beets.

Fight Sugar with Fat

It might sounds strange, but fat doesn’t make you fat, it only satiates you. Fat controls the blood sugar levels and is important piece of every cellular structure. Healthy fats in your meals will suppress the cravings for sugar. Eat nuts, seeds, extra virgin olive oil, avocados, coconut butter, etc.

Prepare for Emergencies

Carbs can make you to visit the junk food restaurants. Dr. Hyman explains: “You should carry an emergency life Pak. I’m carrying mine all the time, loaded with proteins, good fats and good snacks. It protects me from potential bad choices. Mine includes: Packets of Arisana nut butters and coconut butter, walnuts, almonds, salmon jerky or turkey jerky, a can of wild salmon or sardines and sugar-free wild blueberries.”

Distress or Di-stress?

The stress hormone, cortisol is an integral part of type II diabetes, sugar desires and belly fat. A research proved that deep breaths stimulate the vagus nerve that changes your metabolism’s mode from fat storing to fat burning. Dr. Hyman’s Five Deep Breath Exercise: “Inhale deeply and slowly five times- in to the count of five, out to the count of five. Do this for five times. This should become your habit before having a meal.

Douse Inflammation

Various studies have discovered that inflammation causes imbalances in the blood sugar levels, which results with type II diabetes and insulin resistance. These people are usually affected by hidden dairy and gluten intolerance. Most people crave these allergens, which only worsens the problem. Avoid them during the diet regime.

Sound Sleep

Some studies have discovered that when cutting 2 of the 8 recommended hours of sleep, increase the hunger hormones and reduces the hunger-suppressing hormones in the organism. In these cases, our body don’t have enough energy, which leads to cravings for sugar that boosts our energy for short period of time. Sleep well and enough in order to avoid sugar cravings.

Source: group-healthy.com