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The Lemon Water Challenge: Drink a Glass of Lemon Water For 28 Days And Will Experience These Huge Body Changes


We all know how much benefits lemon water can bring to our health if we dink it regularly. In the video that you can find below is shown a challenge of 28-days of drinking lemon water and the results that it brings to your body. The video has been uploaded by Danette May a great supporter of healthy living.

We strongly recommend you to take this challenge since it will bring you 2 huge changes: you will feel more energized and your immunity will be improved.

You should always drink the water in the morning on empty stomach because in that way your body absorbs most of the nutrients.

After the period of 28 days your body will be cleansed from toxins and other harmful substances, it will help you keep the pH value alkaline and it will speed up the process of losing weight.

The good thing about this is that everyone can afford this to himself. All you have to do is squeeze the juice from half a lemon and add it to ½ glass of water. Make sure that the water is not too cold or too hot, it would be best if you use room temperature water.

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