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The Man Who Found a ‘’Cure For All Diseases’’ Taken to Supreme Court Over Claims & Wins!


The herbalist, biochemist and naturalist who claimed that he found the cure for the most serious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, STDs, diabetes and even sickle cell is named Alfredo Bowman, known as Dr. Sebi.

In 1988 by New York’s Attorney General he was taken to court because of those kinds of claims. In order to be free from the denunciation he needed to prove that he can cure those diseases. The trial requirements were to at least one patient was cured no matter the disease. The court then witnessed that the doctor cured 70 patients and they were amazed by it, and that is when the court dropped the case by passing the ruling in the doctor’s favor.

The Power Of Herbal Healing

Dr. Sebi uses herbs in order to treat his patients. What Dr. Sebi stated is that any disease can be cured with the usage of natural alkaloid herbs combined with specially formulated vegetarian diet. He called that diet ‘’electric foods’’ and greens, starch-free breads and mushrooms were the main ingredients of that diet.

What inspired Dr. Sebi to start using herbs in order to treat patients is that he was cured with the same method by a Mexican doctor. He was cured from diabetes and obesity.

After that he was succeed in curing everything from general weakness to HIV/AIDs, and maybe the most notable case from Dr. Sebi is from 1993 when he claimed that in just 2 months he cured HIV in a patient.

Today Dr. Sebi has thousands of patients from many different countries from all over the world and they claim the herbal solutions were of a great help for them.

Celebrities Cured by Dr. Sebi

In those thousands of patients of course there are many famous people such as artist Lisa Lopes and the king of pop music Michael Jackson. Lisa Lopes was treated from severe alcoholism, smoking, stress and strain by Dr. Sebi. Her treatment lasted 40 days and the doctor used special herbal treatment at very beautiful place. Lisa after the successful treatment said to the whole world that Dr. Sebi can treat diseases with those methods. He also helped Michael Jackson with treating Michael’s addiction to painkillers. Another celebrity that this doctor has helped is Steven Seagal.


Source : www.justnaturallife.com