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The Spin on Aspartame: The Truth We’re Not Being Told


While Aspartame is not a new product and most people have probably heard about it, as it is used as an artificial sweetener in place of sugar in many of our food items, such as in sodas and even some drugs. What many people may not be aware of is the fact that this chemical compound is actually hazardous to their health and they would have been better off consuming sugar instead.

Even though medical experts and the government have constantly support its use, new studies have shown that this artificial sweetener is actually dangerous to our well-being.

The surprising thing is that G.D. Searle, the company that first produced Aspartame had pushed for its approval with the FDA for an astounding 16 years, but were constantly denied as the compound was known to cause seizures, brain lesions, tumors and high fatality rates in the monkeys and lab mice used at various times for tests. Yet the company kept persisting with the FDA that Aspartame is safe for human consumption despite evidence to the contrary.

It got to a point where the FDA had to request that the company be prosecuted by the Department of Justice for the alleged submission of fake test data all in a bid to get Aspartame approved for use. It was even said by a senior toxicologist of the FDA, Dr. Adrian Gross, that he had no doubt whatsoever that Aspartame could cause brain tumor in humans. Even the National Soft Drink Association was against the use of Aspartame to be part of the ingredients in carbonated soft drinks, since it was known to be very volatile when it is in liquid form and it is known to breakdown into so many harmful chemicals, one of which is formaldehyde.

G.D. Searle and company was eventually acquired by Monsanto and the NutraSweet Company in 1985 and was sold in 2000 by Monsanto to J.W. Childs Equity Partners. Aspartame produced by the company and found in numerous consumer products have been found by the FDA to be responsible for more than 92 health conditions, some of which includes; nausea, dizziness, deafness, weight gain, blindness and a high rate of fatality. With these over 92 health conditions staring people in the face, it is alarming that Aspartame is been used in more than 6,000 known consumer products globally according to the Aspartame Resource Center.

It is not surprising that the Aspartame Resource Center is actually owned by Ajinomoto, a company known to use Aspartame in a lot of its products and in fact, it is the largest user of this compound in the world, even ahead of NutraSweet. One other chemical product that Ajinomoto produces is monosodium glutamate (MSG), which is also known to be hazardous to human health.

The FDA demands that all products using Aspartame be labelled as such, to warn consumers. However, not all consumers are aware that this chemical compound is actually dangerous to their health. You need to be more cautious when buying any consumer product and take you time to go through the label of the product in order to know it’s constituents before buying it.

Source: naturehealthandbeauty.com