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The World’s Biggest Bottled Water Brand Admits: It’s Just Tap Water


Aquafina which is currently the world’s largest bottle water company has admitted that the source of its bottled water is from tap water.

An investigation carried out by Accountability International on the operations of Aquafina has forced them to alter the label of their bottle water brand to clearly state that the water used is from the Public Water Source (PWS).

While the bottle water by Aquafina is filtered as well as purified it is important that they let consumers know the actual source of the water so they are not misled to believe that the water is procured from a glacier or mountain spring for example.

It is actually the same water that you get when you turn on the tap in your bathroom and even the same water that flows in your toilet bowl when you flush your toilet.

Statistics available suggests that the bottled water industry made a cumulative gross profit of about $11.8 billion on a supply of 9.7 billion gallons of water back in 2012. This gave an average cost per gallon of water of $1.22 and this represents about 300 times the value of a gallon of tap water.

According to the American Water Works Association, if we consider that bottle water sales comprises of 500 ml bottles or 16.9 ounce bottles, we are talking about $7.50 per gallon and that gives more that 2,000 times the cost per gallon of tap water and even two times the cost per gallon of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) or gasoline.

It has been estimated by the Beverage Marketing Association of America that an average of 50% of the bottle water on sale in the United States are actually derived from tap water which has simply been filtered and then purified.

What is worrying is that the EPA requires that Public Water Works are expected to put the water they generate through rigorous tests several times daily to check for any contaminants, but bottle water companies are only required by the FDA to test for contaminants just once in seven days or sometimes just once annually and even once in about four long years. This puts bottled water at a high risk of having contaminants and being more dangerous than even tap water.

When you buy a bottled water and you seem the term “glacier water” or “mountain water” stated on its label, the term is not an FDA sanctioned label and so it does not have any significance other than being a good marketing tactic for the bottle water companies.

Why Waste Money On Bottled Water When You Can Filter Tap Water Yourself

Rather than waste your hard earned income on bottled water that are nothing other than filtered and purified tap water; you can filter your tap water at home today.

By making use of a water filtration system like the Berkey water filter system you can both filter and purify your tap water supply and consume this without the fear of any contaminants whatsoever.

Source: complete-health-and-happiness.com