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Throw An Aspirin Into The Washing Machine. The Effect Is Perfect!


There is nothing better than white, crisp sheets, right? And you sure love your white summer dresses. However, these can become dreadfully grayish, and that is something you do not want for sure.

If you do laundry by yourself, answer this one question, “What’s the most annoying view you could see opening the washing machine?” Right.

What else could it be than seeing your beautiful white dress turns into gray?

This is a common problem your clothes could face after underwent repeated washing and made contact with chemical-laden products and of course it’s also a big problem for you, since most likely you’d be reluctant to wear those grayish clothes again.

Fortunately, there’s a simple method to handle this problem. Just throw a 325 mg aspirin pill in a 2 gallons hot water and let it dissolve.

Now, you just need to soak your grayish clothes into the hot solution and leave it for about 7 hours. Ensure that every part of your clothes is well soaked. Throwing the pill into your washing machine will also work nicely as it will allow the pill to dissolve better. After 7 hours, you can take your laundry out from the solution and hang it to dry.

If you want to get rid of blood stain, aspirin pills can also help you with this. Dissolve the pill in some cold water then you can use the solution to remove the stains on your clothes by soaking it into the solution for 2 hours. When you want to remove blood stain, don’t use hot water as it will cause the blood to clump and makes the process of removing the stain becomes more difficult.

Aspirin contains a kind of acid that can effectively do the “dirty job” for you. It’s also a cheaper solution compare to the conventional washing products.

Source: yourstylishlife.com