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They Told You That Microwaves Are Harmful, but They Didn’t Tell You This!


We live in a modern era and the technology is more and more advancing with every day. Unfortunately, we sometimes use the most harmful electrical appliances that could exist. People started using microwaves because they think they could save more time to prepare a meal.

Even more than 80 % of the world population uses microwaves. People aren’t aware that they are the most harmful electrical appliances that come into contact with the food we consume.

Microwaves use electromagnetic radiation to wave the molecules. This provokes vibrations that then change to generate heat. At this moment, this friction warms the meal and causes ‘structural isomerism’ e.g. a structural damage of the food molecules.

One study conducted in Sweden showed the effects our food has in the microwave during a period of eight weeks. Eight people were living in a controlled ambience and were given raw food cooked in a conventional method. After every meal that they had consumed, doctors took their blood sample, which showed significant changes in their blood chemistry.

The first death registered for using microwave ovens was in the beginning of 1991, when a patient died after the doctors gave him a blood sample that was previously warmed up in a microwave.

Russia prohibited microwaves in 1976 because of their negative effect on the health and the well-being of people.

Here are some reasons why you should get rid of your microwave:

  1. Food warmed up in a microwave can cause permanent damage in the brain and its cells.
  2. Regular consumption of meals heated in a microwave provokes a risk of cancer.
  3. The molecules of the microwave cause diverse tumors and malignant growths in the intestines, as well as the stomach.
  4. All the vitamins and minerals present in the food get lost after warming the food up in a microwave oven.
  5. Eating meals cooked in microwave for a long time has the ability to increase the cancerous cells in the human blood.
  6. Using your microwave regularly provokes a decrease of the complete immune system, but also disables your glands to work as they should.
  7. Every meal cooked in a microwave can cause absence in concentration, loss of memory, emotional instability, as well as limited intelligence.

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